BCSS Gloucester & District Branch
Programme of Events

All events are at Longford Village Hall, Longford Lane, Longford, Gloucester, GL2 9EL; unless otherwise stated.

2018 Download a printable version of our programme
January 13 AGM and plant auction
February 10 Cacti through my camera — Geoff Bowman
Table show: Echinocereus group, Aloe group
March 10 Gordon Rowley's Cactotherapy — from the digital library
Table show: Opuntia group, Crassulaceae group
April 14 Madagascar — Peter Sparks
Table show: Turbinicarpus group, Gasteria group
April 22 Zone 9 Convention (ticket only)
May 12 Our collection — Keith & Kathy Flanagan
Table show: Rebutia group, Agave group
June 2 Annual Show at Shurdington Social Centre (open to the public 11:00am - 4:00pm)
June 9 Cactus identification — Mike Stansbie
Table show: Mammillaria group, Adenia or Kedrostis group
July 7 Western Cape 2016 — Bill Darbon (note this is a week early)
Table show: Astrophytum group, Adromischus subgroup
August 11 Probably the best Haworthia collection in the world — Alan Rollason
Table show: Parodia group, Haworthia group
September 8 How to find Lithops in nature — Roy Earle
Table show: Gymnocalycium group, Lithops subgroup
October 13 Minishow of thematic displays
November 10 Cacti in my collection — John Watmough
Table show: Ariocarpus group, Mesembryanthemum group
December 8 Christmas social
The table show comprises 5 classes: 1 cactus up to 4" pot, 1 cactus over 4" pot, 1 succulent up to 4" pot, 1 succulent over 4" pot, of the taxa listed above; and a class for plant of the month.
(The metric equivalent of 4" is 10cm.)